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Buckwheat pasta typical from the Savoy region

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The crozets are small pieces of pasta, usually flat and square, made with buckwheat or wheat, or even a combination of both. They are normally used to prepare two delicious regional dishes, the 'croziflette' and crozets with diots.

Traditional from the Savoy and Tarentaise regions, crozets date back to the 14th century and derived from Italian 'crozetos', which reached the French area in the 17th century.

They can be served just cooked and mixed with cheese, especially local varieties such as Tomme or Beaufort, or with locally picked mushrooms like chanterelles. They are also a common side dish to diots in white wine, and the main ingredient in the 'croziflette', a deviation of the traditional tartiflette in which potatoes are substituted by crozets cooked with cream, cheese and bacon.

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