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Tignes Snow Report Archive

Discover the latest Tignes snow conditions

Off Piste in the Espace Killy – Col Des Fours and Couloir 3500

Tignes BackCountry Snow Report: 15th March 2015

It’s been another incredible week of skiing in the Espace Killy! With high winds and the associated high avalanche...

Off piste report from the Espace Killy

Tignes BackCountry Snow Report: 22nd February 2015

It's been an incredibly busy week here in the Espace Killy, with French and British half term coinciding it’s...

Great Off -Piste Throughout the Espace Killy Over the Past Seven Days

Tignes Backcountry Snow Report: 24th January 2015

After the snowfall we had last Saturday the Espace Killy has experienced some great conditions throughout the entire...

Get your skis ready, it's snowing hard in Tignes!

Tignes Dump Alert

Well here we go! Big snowfall is happening now in Tignes.

A big dump of snow just as December starts!

Tignes Dump Alert - 6th December 2020

The Alps received a light but very welcome dusting of snow earlier this week. What seemed like a promising start, was...

A good 40cm of snow yesterday

Tignes Dump Alert: 10th February 2016

It just keeps snowing in the Espace Killy with 40cm falling throughout Tuesday and tonnes more in the forecast - the...

Yet another dump in the Espace Killy ski area

Tignes Dump Alert: 12th February 2016

It just keeps dumping in the Espace Killy with another 30cm to fall over today (Friday)! Tonnes more in the forecast over...

yet more snow over the weekend

Tignes Dump Alert: 13th February 2016

A nice end of season dump to keep us going

Tignes Dump Alert: 14th April 2016

10cm of fresh fell in the Espace Killy overnight on Wednesday 13th April which brought the off piste conditions back up...

Snow more waiting, the first snow has arrived in Tignes!

Tignes Dump Alert: 22nd October 2014

A few centimetres of snow in Tignes this morning doesn't really qualify for a dump alert, but it certainly brought...

3 days of fresh snow so far..

Tignes Dump Alert: 25th February 2016

We’ve had over 20cm of snowfall during the past 3 days in the Espace Killy and it just keeps falling! 

Winter wonderland returns

Tignes Dump Alert: 25th March 2017

It snowed massive flakes Saturday afternoon and through the night and we awoke to a winter-wonderland! 

The snow is back!

Tignes Dump Alert: 30th March 2015

Over the last 24 hours about 30-40cm of fresh snow has fallen in Tignes and across the Espace Killy.

The snow is falling thick & fast

Tignes Dump Alert: 3rd February 2016

20cm of snow has fallen on Monday (1st February) and now it’s dumping another 15cm in the Espace Killy with even...

More pre-season snow and the first real dump for November

Tignes Dump Alert: 5th November 2014

It's pretty much snowing everywhere in the Alps right now and Tignes is no exception!

The snow just keeps coming..

Tignes Dump Alert: 6th March 2017

We've had a really snowy weekend and woke to another dump of around 30 cm-40 cm this morning. 

Another good dump for the Espace Killy

Tignes Dump Alert: 8th February 2016

10cm of snow fell during Sunday 7th February, with tonnes more in the forecast throughout the week. 

Early season conditions are good in the Espace Killy

Tignes Ski Touring Report: 2nd December 2015

Since the week's worth of snowfall on the 20th November, we have been given some epic on and off piste skiing...

For the best snow stick to the pistes until after the weekend

Tignes Snow Report: 10 January 2014

There's some good skiing to be had today in Val d'Isere and Tignes but it will be on piste.

Fantastic piste conditions all over the mountain

Tignes Snow Report: 10th January 2012

The sun is shining and the weather is sweet.

What a week!. And more snow forecast...

Tignes Snow Report: 11th December 2011

It has been one hell of a week here in Espace Killy, we had more snow in one day than in half of last winter, and then...

From Sun to Snow - Our Two Favourite S's

Tignes Snow Report: 11th January 2013

Oh how sweet sun and snow can be! While my sore legs and bum don’t believe me, the smile on my face says that this...

One day in heaven...

Tignes Snow Report: 12th April 2013

I’m sure this is used in a bunch of places, but...

Icy blue skies. Almost time for Valentines day...

Tignes Snow Report: 12th February 2012

For most people arriving for a holiday this week in Val d’Isere, today would be your first day on the slopes, and...

Friday the 13th... Lucky for us! Snow snow snow!

Tignes Snow Report: 13th April 2012

Well, this week has actually been pretty special here in Espace Killy. It’s been snowing, lots!

Epic day up the mountain

Tignes Snow Report: 13th December 2011

Today bordered on the stuff dreams are made of.

Some of the best days of the season this week and lots of snow to come

Tignes Snow Report: 13th February 2014

Tuesday and Wednesday have been some of the best days of the 2014 winter here in Tignes & Val d'Isere.

Friday the 13th is lucky for some. Beautiful bluebird skies again

Tignes Snow Report: 13th January 2012

The weather in Espace Killy has been fantastic over the past few days with bright blue skies and not a cloud in sight....

X-Games kick off in Tignes Val Claret

Tignes Snow Report: 13th March 2012

And the X-Games are upon us!

The storm has hit!

Tignes Snow Report: 15th December 2011

Val d’Isere is on Amber avalanche warning tonight with a blizzard hitting the town. The road is closed into resort,...

It's snowing! A little drop of snow for Espace Killy

Tignes Snow Report: 15th February 2012

Love may have been in the air yesterday, but today it was snow.

Perfect pistes. More clear blue skies in Espace Killy

Tignes Snow Report: 15th January 2012

Today was another beautiful sunny day in the Espace Killy.

Great powder snow today in the sunshine

Tignes Snow Report: 15th January 2014

Thanks to Andreas Bjorklund from

Riding with the Girls

Tignes Snow Report: 15th March 2013

It has definitely been one of the trickier weeks for us here in L'Espace Killy. Now that we have completely given up...

Grainy Snow Found Ski Touring beyond Tour de Charvet

Tignes Snow Report: 16th December 2013

Thanks to Henry Schniewind from

Flurries in Fornet and Sunshine in Tignes

Tignes Snow Report: 16th March 2015

After a week of hot springy conditions, Tignes has been experiencing some real winter conditions again. With our first...

Conditions Improving in Espace Killy. But more snow due on Tuesday!

Tignes Snow Report: 17th December 2011

Espace Killy is slowly starting to look like the pristine, beautiful ski resorts it’s is famous for once again....

Sun-shiney days. Beautiful blue skies

Tignes Snow Report: 17th February 2012

I can think of nothing better than blasting down perfectly groomed pistes on a sunny bluebird day (when the off-piste is...

A Perfect Day in Tignes

Tignes Snow Report: 17th February 2014

Thanks to Andreas Bjorklund from

The Col de Four. Skiing off piste in Espace Killy

Tignes Snow Report: 17th January 2012

Espace Killy is continuing to thrive under sunshine and blue skies these days, with perfect pistes and mild-ish...

Powder Days and Taking Care on the Mountain

Tignes Snow Report: 18th December 2012

I have to admit it; we’re a little confused. I mean, we know that the weather is meant to change all the time, that...

Superb spring skiing and snow for the weekend!

Tignes Snow Report: 18th February 2015

Sunshine and bluebird skies are in the forecast for Tignes and Val D'Isère for the next couple days. More snow...

A great week with a few warmer days due after the weekend

Tignes Snow Report: 18th February 2016

Wow, what a fabulous week of skiing! With the sun shining most of the time the pistes have firmed up enough to stay...

All Change

Tignes Snow Report: 18th January 2013

Apparently, there’s an old saying that goes: if you don’t like mountain weather, wait 5 minutes because it...

Spring Snow. Snowing, again?!?

Tignes Snow Report: 19th April 2012

Conditions have been out of this world this week!

Empty slopes and no queues for the first days of winter

Tignes Snow Report: 1st December 2012

The lifts opened in Val d'Isere and Tignes today to blue skies and expectant snow lovers. It's been a long wait...

Espace Killy - The Off Piste Adventure Land

Tignes Snow Report: 1st February 2013

It has been a pretty unreal last couple of days here in Val d’Isère. It could be the sunny skies, the soft...

Powder days in Le Fornet and it was waist deep in places!

Tignes Snow Report: 20th December 2011

I know it’s cheesy, but sweet dreams are made of days like these. A lot of the high lifts were closed, but it...

Grey down low, blue up high

Tignes Snow Report: 20th January 2014

Today's report comes from Andreas at

Springtime in Espace Killy and riding at A Freeride Competition!

Tignes Snow Report: 20th March 2012

X-Games has been and gone, and the resorts are starting to return to their usual selves once again. The Super-Pipe still...

Overnight snowfall in Tignes

Tignes Snow Report: 20th October 2011

Many of us in the Alps woke up to views of white mountains this morning; this picture was taken in Tignes earlier...

Doomsday Dawns Bright and Beautiful!

Tignes Snow Report: 21st December 2012

How would you spend your last day? Praying and gathering survival supplies or enjoying the beautiful conditions here in...

Off piste in Tignes. Fantastic conditions away from the crowds

Tignes Snow Report: 21st February 2012

Today is Shrove Tuesday, so I hope at least you had a crepe today. I will be making pancakes tonight which seem almost...

Big Air at the Frostgun Invitational

Tignes Snow Report: 21st February 2013

Well, it’s been one heck of a week. We’ve had sun, we’ve had snow, and we’ve had one amazing...

Fresh snow and great conditions in Espace Killy

Tignes Snow Report: 21st January 2012

So, today, the 21st January, I woke to freshly fallen snow outside the window this morning. Around 50cm fell overnight,...

Blizzard conditions take out British medal hopes

Tignes Snow Report: 21st March 2013

X-Games Europe started yesterday and although it produced some excitement it was a disappointing day for British skier...

Marmottes and Flowers and Sunshine Oh My!

Tignes Snow Report: 22nd April 2015

Have you seen a marmotte yet? It's that time of the year again and these furry little creatures can be spotted...

Winter Solstice. It's almost Christmas!

Tignes Snow Report: 22nd December 2011

The snow has finally ceased falling, and we even saw a little bit of blue sky yesterday. In the morning though, it was a...

The pistes are in top condition in the Espace Killy just now

Tignes Snow Report: 22nd February 2016

We had another cracking weekend of skiing with some varied conditions. After a beautiful day on Thursday when I took my...

Mixed Weather Games in the Espace Killy

Tignes Snow Report: 23rd January 2013

After the weather we had last week we didn't think that it was actually possible for the weather predictions to be...

Feelin' Hot Hot Hot! Temperatures are soaring!

Tignes Snow Report: 23rd March 2012

The sun is shining here again, it’s a beautiful day and the temperatures are soaring.  

Christmas Eve in Espace Killy. Christmas tomorrow!

Tignes Snow Report: 24th December 2011

The forecast was for a little snow today, but snow definitely didn't dominate the weather conditions today. All of...

Hot hot hot! Temperatures on the rise in Espace Killy

Tignes Snow Report: 24th February 2012

In the UK, when you’re working hard, Friday is usually a day to look forward to; the end of the week, the start of...

Great snow & not a cloud in the sky

Tignes Snow Report: 25th January 2014

Today was a perfect day in Tignes and Val d'Isere, clear skies and excellent snow on the pistes.

Skiing with Graham Bell in Val d'Isere. The perfect end to an exceptional season

Tignes Snow Report: 26th April 2012

Val d’Isere closes for the winter on Tuesday the 1st of May, that’s in 5 days from now. Tignes is staying...

White Out Boxing Day with Increasing Instability in the Snow Pack

Tignes Snow Report: 26th December 2013

Thanks to Henry Schniewind, Val d'Isere local and Off-Piste guide from

Riding with the pros. Sunshine in Espace Killy again!

Tignes Snow Report: 26th January 2012

Today was another beautiful bluebird day here in Espace Killy.

Great fresh snow under clear skies in Val & Tignes

Tignes Snow Report: 27th December 2013

Thanks to Andreas from

The Weather is Consistently Inconsistent

Tignes Snow Report: 27th January 2013

It has taken me years, but I finally understand why consistency is so important. Consistency has a way of reassuring us,...

Top of the Motte. Sunshine continues

Tignes Snow Report: 27th March 2012

Today was another exceptionally sunny, warm, slushy day in Espace Killy.

White out. Interesting conditions in Espace Killy

Tignes Snow Report: 28th January 2012

Even the flat light can be fun.

Great Snow with Clear Skies & Even Some Fresh Powder

Tignes Snow Report: 28th January 2014

Thanks to Roddy from Val d'Isere Snowboard School 

Warm weather & brilliant sunshine this week

Tignes Snow Report: 28th January 2016

We’ve had some unseasonably warm weather over the past few days with brilliant sunshine and it hasn’t been...

Sainte Foy Tarrentaise. A day out from the Espace Killy

Tignes Snow Report: 29th December 2011

Wednesday was the kind of day someone like me usually only dreams of.

Blisteringly hot! The sun has definitely not got his hat on today!

Tignes Snow Report: 29th February 2012

The sun is shining and the weather is sweet!

Step Up For Africa 3.5. Charity Events in Espace Killy

Tignes Snow Report: 29th March 2012

Let the sun shine, let the sun shine baby!

Changing Conditions. Rain and snow on the horizon

Tignes Snow Report: 2nd April 2012

Today was blisteringly hot, again, and if you want an example of why sun-cream is essential here, well I’m it. I...

Siberian sunshine. Freezing temperatures set to return

Tignes Snow Report: 2nd February 2012

Today looked beautiful. The sun was shining and the skies were clear. The temperatures, however, were freezing. Meteo...

Feelin' hot hot hot! Temperatures on the rise but snow forecast in Espace Killy

Tignes Snow Report: 2nd March 2012

The weather has been out of this world this week. It’s usually unheard of to experience such warm temperatures in...

Fresh Lines in Le Fornet and no Crowds

Tignes Snow Report: 30th December 2013

This report comes courtesy of Henry from

New Year's Eve. Even more snow!

Tignes Snow Report: 31st December 2011

And for New Year, here in Espace Killy, we give you even more snow!!!

Back in Alaska. Freezing temperatures return to Espace Killy

Tignes Snow Report: 31st January 2012

It felt like we were back in Alaska today, the temperature had taken a dive and the white-out conditions were back. There...

Fresh Powder in Le Fornet and Clear Skies

Tignes Snow Report: 31st January 2014

Thanks to Roddy from

Perfect powder again in Espace Killy. Fantastic conditions all over the mountain

Tignes Snow Report: 3rd January 2012

The snow gods are definitely smiling on us this winter, with another twenty five centimetres yesterday, and more snow...

Blue Sky to White Out but a Big Dump on the Way

Tignes Snow Report: 3rd March 2014

There has been a real mix of conditions over the last 24 hours in Tignes. Yesterday skiers enjoyed perfect clear skies...

A dusting of snow overnight far more on the horizon

Tignes Snow Report: 4th February 2014

Thanks to Roddy from

New Years Week in the Espace Killy

Tignes Snow Report: 4th January 2013

It’s that time again - the New Year - and we’re almost a week in! And what a great week it’s been, well...