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Summer Lifts in Tignes

Discover the Tignes summer lifts & areas


If you're looking for winter prices see Ski Pass Prices; or winter Ski Lift Guide for information about the ski lifts. For details about the Summer Lift System, read on...

There are typically 3 lifts open in Tignes in the summer, two in the main part of resort (the Palafour & Toviere) and one up in Val Claret (Tufs). In Val d'Isere you can use two summer lifts, the Olympique and the Borsat. The Toviere and Tufs lifts give you access to Val d'Isere and in the opposite direction the Borsat lift connects you back to Tignes.

The lifts in Tignes start running at 10am and take a break for lunch for just half an hour, then continue on until 5pm. In Val d'Isere they start a little earlier but also have a half hour lunch stop. 

The good news is that all the summer lifts in both resorts are free to use, whether you're a walker, a mountain biker or you just want to head up the mountain to admire the views. You just need to collect a pass from the main tourist office, register your details in the system and away you go!

The lifts are mountain-bike friendly with bike hooks, trolleys or gondola cabins that you can fit them into allowing you to access all the MTB trails in Tignes with ease. 

Lifts will stop running in the case of high winds of bad weather but you can check on this before you head out by looking at the live lift status

Summer Lift Pass Prices and the Summer Lift Pass Options are slightly different to winter - it is worth checking the which lifts you can use before setting off. Paragliders also have access to a number of lifts throughout the summer.

Lift Access & Restrictions

Wheelchair Access
Olympique Gondola (Val), Grande Motte Funicular & Cable Car (Tignes)

Mountain Bike Access
Olympique Gondola, Bosat & Solaise Express in Tignes. See Tignes Mountain Biking for more information.

Paraglide / Parapente
Solaise Express car give access to the designated take-off sites in Val d'Isere or you can use the Aeorski gondola in Tignes. Take a look at Tignes for Paragliding for more information.

Pedestrians can use all of the summer lifts. Take a look at Summer Lift Pass Prices.

Dogs are allowed on the gondolas and cable cars, providing they are muzzled & kept on a lead.

It is not recommended to expose babies or children under three years old to sudden changes in altitude or temperature - if lift staff consider your child too young to travel on certain lifts they reserve the right to refuse you entry. 

NB The Espace Killy lifts can take you as high as 3500m (Grande Motte) and ascend rapidly. Please consult your doctor before arriving in resort if you have heart problems or any other medical problem that may be exacerbated by a change in altitude.

When to come

How to get passes

You can buy tickets directly from the lift pass offices or buy your passes in advance online. See all the Summer Lift Prices & Options available

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